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Tibetan Prayer Bells

The Tibetan prayer bell is commonly used in tantric Buddhistrituals to address the presence of the Buddha. God figures and apotheosisedlamas hold this popular symbol, along with the thunderbolt in their hands tofacilitate centring the energy and quieting the mind. Ringing or striking the bell creates harmonious sound. The harmonious sound created by the Buddhist hand bell sends the message to evil spirits to stay awayfrom the consecrated area where the rituals are performed.

The Vajra pairs hand held prayer bell which is also know as ghanta in Nepal whichrepresents the compassion of Buddha , the masculine principle and the bellrepresents the wisdom the female principle. The prayer bell is envisioned asthe Buddha's body, the vajra is envisioned as his mind whereas the soundcreated by the bell symbolises the Buddha's speech, the teaching of the dharma ,attainment of wisdom and the understanding of emptiness. These two Buddhistrituals objects must be combined to achieve enlightenment.

The use of the vajra and the bells can be different depending upon the ritualpreformed or the sadhana chanted. The vajra is held in the right hand with itsface down usually near the heart expressing the qualities of wisdom and thebell is held in the left hand usually with its face upward expressing qualitiesof compassion and love. They are then moved in graceful gestures . We quiteoften see the hands are held with the wrists crossed over each other againstthe chest. This represents the union of the male and female principles.

The bell is ideal to clear out cluttered and dense energy clogging up the home,work space or worship area.

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