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PrefixProduct IDProduct NameQuantity 
HB1Silver Bracelet Amethysts
HB2Silver Bracelet Garnet
HB3Silver Bracelet Mixed Cut Stone
HB4Silver Bracelet Amethysts
HB5Silver Bracelet Turquoise
HB6Silver Bracelet Turquoise Carving
HB7Silver Bracelet Laborite
HB8Silver Ladhaki Necklace
HB9Silver Necklace Turquoise &Coral
HB10Silver Necklace Coral Old Beads
HB11Silver Necklace Coral Dholki
HB12Silver Necklace Malakite
HB13Silver Necklace Smokie Topaz
HB14Silver Necklace Turquoise & Silver Beads
HB15Silver Necklace Coral &Old Silver
HB16Silver Necklace Coral And Turquoise
HB17Silver Necklace Rare Quartz
HB18Silver Necklace Smokie Topaz
HB19Silver Necklace Old Turquoise And Coral
HB20Silver Necklace Old Coral And Turquoise
HB21Silver Necklace Faceted Red Onyx
HB22Silver Necklace Garnet
HB23Silver Necklace Turquoise
HB24Silver Necklace Rainbow Moonstone
HB25Silver Necklace Amber
HB26Silver Necklace Lapis or lazuli Twisted
HB27Silver Necklace Lapis or lazuli Jhumka
HB28Silver Necklace Peridot Jhumka
HB29Silver Necklace Lapis or lazuli Jhumka
HB30Silver Pendants Turquoise &Coral
HB31Silver Pendants Amber
HB32Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB33Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB34Silver Pendants Rainbow
HB35Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB36Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB37Silver Pendants Rainbow
HB38Silver Pendants Rainbow
HB39Silver Pendants Amber
HB40Silver Pendants Amber
HB41Silver Pendants Onyx
HB42Silver Pendants Coral Carving
HB43Silver Pendants Rainbow
HB44Silver Pendants Turquoise And Coral
HB45Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB46Silver Pendants Turquoise And Coral
HB47Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB48Silver Pendants Rainbow
HB49Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB50Silver Pendants Amethysts
HB51Silver Pendants Golden Topaz
HB52Silver Pendants Amber
HB53Silver Pendants Coral
HB54Silver Pendants Turquoise
HB55Silver Pendants Amethysts
HB56Silver Pendants Laborite
HB57Silver Earrings Amethysts
HB58Silver Earrings Garnet
HB59Silver Earrings Mixed Cut Stones
HB60Silver Earrings Peridot
HB61Silver Earrings Garnet
HB62Silver Earrings Garnet & Amethysts
MA1433.5" Buddha Statue (Emboss)
MA1444" Buddha Kamal Statue
MA1454" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
MA1464" Medicine Buddha Statue
MA1474" Blessing Buddha Statue
MA1484" Mediation Buddha Statue
MA1494" Vairochana Buddha Statue
MA1504" Buddha Parwa (Amitabh)
MA1514.5" Buddha Statue (Plain)
MA1526.5" Buddha Statue (Plain)
MA1536.5" Blessing Buddha Statue (Emboss)
MA1546.5" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Emboss)
MA1555" Buddha Statue (Carving)
MA156Buddha Statue (Japanese)
MA1575" Buddha Maaki - Shakyamuni Statue
MA1587" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
MA1596" Buddha Shakyamuni Statue (New)
MA1607" Blessing Buddha Statue (Plain)
MA1617" Medicine Buddha Statue (Plain)
MA1628" Meditation Buddha Statue
MA1639" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
MA1647" Buddha Kamal - Shakyamuni
MA16511" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Carving)
MA16612" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Carving)
MA16713" Buddha Statue (Plain)
MA16814" Buddha Statue (Carving)
MA16911" Buddha Statue (Nepali hand carving)
MA17013" Buddha Statue (Nepali hand carving)
MA1718" Samata Badhra Buddha Shakti Statue
MA1727" Samata Badhra Buddha Shakti Statue
MA1736" Samata Badhra Buddha Shakti Statue
MA17414" Standing Buddha Statue
MA175Maya Devi Statue
MA176Big Laughing Buddha Statue (Fengshui)
MA177Small Laughing Buddha Statue (Fengshui)
MA178Laughing Buddha Statue (child)
MA179Laughing Buddha Statue (Money)
MA180Laughing Buddha Statue (Family)
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